Instructions for use

1.Use pound gateway before operation

a. radar registered account ( )
No registration pounds gateway, you can bind radar wallet account, you can log in directly using radar wallet account.

b. Log radar purse Add radar2GBP as a trusted gateway

2. recharge operationn

a. Log radar recharge purse click

b. Jump top pound gateway page,Enter the amount and bank transaction password.Wait funds credited into account confirmation.

c.Fill in the remittance request

d. transfer funds to accounts receivable

e. System Audit

f. The system will be transferred to your RADAR address GBP

3. Withdraw operation

a.Click Login radar wallet withdrawals

b. Jump sterling withdrawals gateway page,click the bank card management - bind bank withdraw als accounts (each user can only bind a bank card, and can not be modified after binding) After binding system assigns addresses to receive GBP radar

c.Transfers page into the radar system, radar copy GBP 拢 gateway address, after the success of the gateway will automatically be transferred to the bank card you bind GBP's.

4. The currency exchange operations

a. Log radar wallet, go to "currency exchange" page

b. Add custom currency exchange, as shown in the example, buying USD, selling VBC, fill out the order form and submit it.